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"I hate chasing debts, I work hard getting our customers on board - and now I have to be the bad guy - surely there's a better way?"

Debt Management Services

Debt Management and Credit Control New Zealand wide

Debt Management Services specialises in company debt and manages it in a way that will decrease the clients' debtors ledger but still retain them as a customer so they can continue dealing with them in the future..

Debt Management Services clients provide regular payments reports from their debtors ledgers and Wayne can decide if further contact is needed to customers that are not trading within their agreed terms and payment plans..

This approach has proven to be very successful in that he can talk face to face with a customer and obtain their trust, that way his clients are always on the top of the list for payments.

Debt Management Services have found that the personal touch is the key to obtaining great results.

Credit Control

Our aim is to turn your bad payers into good payers. We know what it’s like when you need to
pay your bills but can’t because others haven’t paid you on time.
We work with you and your business to put together an effective process to turn this around...

Debt Management

Escalating a debtor to the 'next level' can be daunting, however we are extremely cost effective
and efficient in any procedures necessary.

Credit Checks

It is important that the credit check process includes obtaining accurate information
about potential clients and should be an everyday part of business life.
Yet many companies still leave themselves open to the threat of bad debt...


Personal Guarantees and the Personal Property Security Register ensure creditors have a better
chance of recovering their money
if a customer’s business liquidates.

Terms & Conditions

Ensuring terms and conditions are up to date, clear and precise is necessary to have the best
options if a debtor defaults.
We can personalise Credit Applications for your companies legal requirements.


Bad debts can arise from disputes over the goods or services supplied. It is important to have a
clear process for this and we are very experienced
in negotiating a resolution acceptable for all parties..

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